In search of "Common Sense"

Jun 22, 2012

Plant a tree!

“A tree is a wondrous thing. It runs entirely by solar energy. It turns water and carbon dioxide into building material. It is powerful enough to split rocks. It can contain up to 50,000 cubic feet of wood. It has a plumbing system that can raise water 100 times as efficiently as the best suction pump. It is the oldest and largest living thing on earth. It can tell time. It may grow to 300 feet in height, yet it supports itself entirely through a network of roots that are finer than a string. It may pour hundreds of gallons of water into the air in a day’s time. It befriends us by taking and using our waste products (carbon dioxide) and returning life-supporting oxygen. It sometimes grows so large that it contains enough wood to build a community of 50 six-room houses. It protects itself with bark against insects, disease, and fire. It does all these things and never moves.”


There are initiatives to plant trees in some places which can act as inspiration to Indian cities to embark on such ambitious projects.