In search of "Common Sense"

Jan 13, 2009

Satyam - Time to remember unity in diversity theme song

I remember this animated film being shown on Doordarshan, India's government managed, at that time the only, TV channel.

The message embodied in the film applies to all of us at Satyam as we go about picking up pieces, after the recent shocking revelations, to revive Satyam's lost glory. Individually, may be we appear to be insignificant, but together we hold a huge power to make a difference

We have many competencies, many verticals, many geographies where we are present, many alliances with world-class product vendors and many marquee clients that we serve. We speak different languages and hold different passports.

We can look at ourselves as global citizens bound by this common mission of getting our show back on stage.

Just replace 'Hind Desh' with Satyam and 'Desh ke niwasi' with Satyamites.


  1. @deepak...i have downloaded this video :-)

  2. Deepak,
    Great post,
    Yes we can is not enough!

    Lets say "Yes we WILL" regain lost glory...because "Our people make the difference", That was the punchline of satyam in 90s before it was changed to "What business demands"(pun intended)

    I am posting a link to this on Kreeo, the world needs to hear from all of satyamites, what the feel and how much is their BELIEF in the organization (always above an individual) called SATYAM
    All the best, there are many ex-satymaties and non satyamites with you in these testing times and I am sure people of satyam will prevail!