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Jul 16, 2009

Innovation management through following nature's renewal rhythm

"In many cases, the 'innovation' is less a matter of doing something new than of stopping doing something that doesn't make sense anymore." – a comment made by a fellow student of innovation management at "Birds of Feather – Innovation Leaders" Webstorm hosted by Brightidea.

I sort of agree with this comment - Unless there is zeal to renew to the extent of paranoia, it is very difficult to displace what "is" already in place.

The process of creating space for "new" by constantly discarding "old" should help. Do people make organizational policies with "review after" dates?

At least, this process is continuously on in NATURE. Birth, growth, death, renewal is a cycle followed consistently in nature. We are here of the face of earth for at the most 80 years. Someone else will come in our place with no baggage of past experience and see the challenges with fresh set of eyes. Innovation will happen!

If we want to see continuous innovation in front of our eyes, we need to mimic NATURE.

Nature abhors stagnation!!

Lot of effort is spent on creating something new and trying to get it accepted against lot of resistance. I guess a little effort spent on clearing off the old, irrelevant, stuff that does no longer make sense might create space and automatically new stuff that makes sense and is relevant might just flow in.

Nature also abhors vacuum!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Deepak,
    I think what you have posted makes sense when it comes to incremental innovation. In this case, it will follow the path mentioned by you as dictated by nature.
    However once in a while we do get a more radical type of innovation which literally changes all the rules of the game and this definitely does not follow this path. This is difficult to predict but certainly can be achieved only by thinking differently.